Linda Gunn-Russell


I believe this to be a unique collection of Linda’s work at the peak of her, unfortunately brief, ceramics career in UK, although I have just learned that Linda is making again in Andalucia. I should be prepared to split the collection but it would make more sense to keep it together. Dimensions in cms/inches(W x D x H) are approximate.

Untitled vessel (Triangular mouth) 1985, 20/8 x 7/3 x 32/12.5 cms/inches 

SOLD  Untitled vessel (Black figure) 1986, 19/7.5 x 7/3 x 36/14 cms/inches

 Untitled vessel (Grey ‘bird’) 1986, 17/6.5 x 9/3.5 x 34/13.5 cms/inches    

SOLD  Untitled vessel (Pale grey figure) 1988, 15/6 x 10/4 x 39/15.5 cms/inches  

 Untitled vessel (Pale green, 2 legs) 1988 (restored), 30/12 x 8/3.5 x 37/14.5 cms/inches

Untitled vessel (Green & turquoise) 1988, 23/9 x 9/3.5 x 33/13 cms/inches 

Untitled vessel (Brown, legs akimbo) 1989, 33/13 x 18/7 x 46/18 cms/inches

SOLD  Untitled vessel (Blue ‘bird’ with long spout) 1989, 19/7.5 x 11/4.5 x 50/19.5 cms/inches 

Untitled vessel (red clay with coloured slip) 1989, 40 x 46cmreclining1a

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